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Greeks ‘losing patience with Germans’

The euro’s future was again heading towards jeopardy last night, after Greece warned Germany to “get its act together” over bailout funding. The warning followed increasing uncertainty amongst German politicians, before the country’s parliament agreed to allow the ESM provide a third bailout.

“To be honest, we are getting a bit fed up with these Germans moaning and groaning,” says one Greek surgeon collecting his dole yesterday. “It took them a full day of nitpicking before they signed off on the lousy €120 trillion. By then the sun was starting to set and the tide was almost gone out. Don’t they have an ounce of compassion?!”

A spokesman for Syriza echoed the sentiments. “Some of these Germans are beginning to sound like Baldy Noonan,” he fumed. “How long does it take to sign a bloody cheque? They need to start implementing their commitments faster.”

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