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That Budget boxing gesture

That Budget boxing gesture

by Our Dáil Staff Miriam Lurid

That Budget  boxing gesture

That Budget
boxing gesture

Speculation has continued about the controversial “punching” gesture which Enda Kenny made while Sinn Féin’s Mary Lou McDonald was speaking in the Dáil.
Experts in interpreting body language have suggested that the Taoiseach’s repetitive hand movement may have been a desperate attempt at anger management – particularly as Deputy McDonald’s speech included accusations that Budget 2016 was designed primarily to bribe voters in the run-up to the General Election.


  •  He was simply punching in his time until he gets the boot.
  • Idly dreaming of getting the upper hand on the Shinners.
  •  Taoiseach is palming off the Labour Party as usual.
  • Battering the Irish public with austerity measures (already done)
  •  Killing off Joan Burton’s political career (ditto)

(That’s enough empty gestures – Ed.)

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