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Chinese ‘almost as bad as O’Gara’ shock!

Phoenix BW

By Ben Denee – Royal correspondent

A “furious and appalled” Queen Elizabeth now considers the Chinese government “almost as rude as Ronan O’Gara”, according to Buckingham Palace insiders.
The shock revelation comes days after the Queen had confided privately to her umbrella that she considered the treatment of the British ambassador to China by Chinese officials on a State visit to be“very rude.”
Speaking anonymously, a Buckingham Palace source says, “The Oriental chappies weren’t in the same league as fiddling loose change in one’s pockets in the presence of Royalty, as that dreadful Cork rugby fellow, O’Gurrier, did over in our Northern Ireland outpost. But they came damn close! I’m afraid the whole thing rather reawakened memories of that very dark day for Her Majesty. Dreadful
business all round.”