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Protests as viewers wake up during new Brendan O’Connor show

by Our Media Staff – Dee List

RTÉ switchboards were completely jammed last night after the station was inundated with angry complaints about its latest mid-week chat show, Cutting Out Entertainment.
The new panel programme involves C-list celebrity guests and various Sindo hacks who sit around scraping a small wooden barrel while host Brendan O’Connor talks loudly about any inane nonsense that comes into his head.
Over recent weeks, the sound has become so deafening that viewers have furiously woken up in their thousands.
“In all my years as a multi-talented broadcaster, I’ve never had such a reaction from licence-payers,” said a delighted Benny. “It just goes to prove that there are no limits to how low RTÉ can stoop when it comes to trashy programming.”