Craic & Codology

Office of the Director of Corporate Enforcement – Job Application Form

Thank you for applying for a position with The Office of the Director of Corporate Enforcement.
In order for us to process your application we require you to complete the attached form containing a few simple questions.

To assist you a little we have provided clues to the answers in the adjoining column. Remember take your time – you have nine years to get this right.

  • Can you tell your arse from your elbow? (No)
  • Do you know what day of the week it is? (No)
  • Do your knuckles get scraped when you walk? (Yes)
  • Does your right hand know that your left hand is filling this form (No)
  • Tasked with organising a party in a brewery, would you ensure there was no transport, beer taps or bottle openers available? (Yes)
  • Name the best use for a fork: (Eating soup)

Congratulations on a job well done!! Can you start on the day after Sunday, whatever it’s called? (Yes).