Craic & Codology


Seamus Woulf

This week attorney general and faithful companion Séamus Woulfhound delivers his verdict on the latest dog food to hit the shelves.

As Ireland’s best known expert on canine nutrition I cannot say how appalled I am at the depreciating quality of dog’s dinners coming on the market these days!

Take this new ‘Shane’s Dog Dinner’ that I was asked to judge yesterday.

Never seen such indigestible rubbish! Stank to the high heavens of old cod and tripe, riddled with hard cheese, hoary old chestnuts and so many bones to pick it would choke an entire kennel! No wonder I was growling all day long.

Take it from me — if you want man’s best friend to wag his tail at you, give him his Chums or his Pals every day of the week. Woof! Woof!