Craic & Codology




Revival of the classic kitsch musical about a rebellious aristocratic Tory MP who falls passionately in love with himself. Trouble starts when he tries to act cool in front of his unruly pal Boris. Slick toe-tapping numbers include ‘Euro The One No One Wants’ and ‘Hopelessly Out Of Touch’.

the snowman

The Snoreman

Enchanting seasonal story of a faceless cartoon figure suddenly brought to life. For a few magical hours, Jeremy Corbyn enjoys flying round the airwaves, but is never quite able to decide what to do about Brexit. Heartbreaking final scene when Jeremy’s half-hearted political policies all melt away to nothing overnight. Features the evergreen theme song ‘Walking on Thin Air’.

mamma mia

Mamma Maya!

Simple story of a naive girl whose dreams of becoming a popular dancing queen turn sour. Sadly, she spends years trying to discover which of the three possible outcomes to her post-Brexit strategy is the right one. But everything goes wrong as none of them can be trusted. Everyone is left in tears as Theresa sings ‘S.O.S.’ and ‘Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! A Job After Midnight’. (That’s enough theatre – Ed.)