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Gemma bus

Dublin MEP candidate Gemma ‘Tweety Pie’ O’Doherty says she had “no choice” but to contest the European Parliament elections to prevent Dublin buses being “completely taken over by jihadist Muslims claiming social welfare and eating native children”.

The Independent candidate says plastering her image on over a dozen buses in the capital succeeded “for now in frightening off the fundamentalists”, who feared she might be on board the vehicles and would “confront them”.

In a chilling warning, the ‘investigative journalist’ says, “I know from my undercover operations that non-Irish people with beards and not a word of Gaelic are travelling from place to place on theses buses. It’s crucial that people wake up to the dangers pulling in all around us and act to ensure our nation’s buses have seats for Irish women and children by giving me a lucrative job in Brussels where I can demand free speech without being told to shut up.”