CONGRATULATIONS to the Indo for managing to churn out no less than 25 stories over 21 pages of print on the so-called ‘Love Rival Murder Trial’ over the last two days. Here are those headlines:

Quirke guilty

‘We have got justice for Daddy today’ – relief for family after trauma of three-month ordeal

Prisoner 107243 put on suicide watch as Quirke begins his new life behind bars

Eerie silence hung in court as jury delivered verdict

Quirke gets life after jury finds he murdered his love rival Bobby Ryan

The sheer accumulation of circumstantial evidence likely to have swung verdict

How Pat Quirke was cornered in Court 13

Fatal attraction

Ordinary protagonists in a case of sexual jealousy as motive for murder

Sex tapes and Quirke read up on ‘perfect murder’ by Joe O’Reilly – what the jury were not told

The Tipperary trial that could have been named ‘The Field 2’

‘Wow… He was a brilliant father with a great personality’ – Bobby Ryan profile

Murderer was described as forceful and controlling man who manipulated widow – Pat Quirke profile

‘I was led to have an affair – I was a vulnerable young woman with three small children, lost’ – Mary Lowry profile

Trial took a physical toll on long-suffering wife Imelda –  profile Imelda Quirke

Associated graphic: The key players in the love rival trial

How Quirke planned the perfect murder – but still got caught

Run-off tank was built by hand and was very porous

Agony aunt told Quirke he had chance to ‘make good’

The day the music died: The twisted journey to murder Bobby Ryan

Quirke will appeal his conviction for murder

My son took family home from me – Quirke’s mum told radio show

Lowry closes door on trial ordeal as locals try to move on

How killer aimed to be investment guru for other farmers

Search team were told ‘not to go near farm’

Gardai believed Quirke killed DJ by ‘striking him on head with iron bar’ – cont from pg 1

That’s all folks!