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Paschal Donohoe

by Our Industry Staff Phil Front-Page

Minister for Finance Paschal Donohoe yesterday defended the decision to abandon the pay cap in the public sector for the country’s defence forces. Speaking on RTÉ, he said, “It’s absolutely vital that we give the army a little more money – especially as they are going to be working much harder over the coming months dealing with industrial action from hospital workers and teachers.”

He continued, “It’s inevitable that there will be union walk-outs, disruptive marches and other street demonstrations – all of which will need to be controlled – and that is going to put serious pressure on public finances.”

The minister concluded, “The Government is determined that our soldiers are well-paid and motivated at this crucial time. Otherwise, we won’t be able to support the Garda in arresting militant troublemakers out to spoil things for Leo and me.”

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