Craic & Codology


bible scripture

A reading from the Book of Doom (Plugs 1:6 – 21)

And in the 19th year, the Angel Politico didst appear and verily asketh of a simple man, known as Simon of Harris, who didst claim to be a great healer, ‘Wouldst thou liketh to lead your people?’ And a great joy filled Simon’s heart and mind as he didst noddeth his head 26 times with great speed. And when Simon didst speaketh, he promised hope to the 10,000 sick that soon they wouldst have a crib of straw to lie on. And he sayeth too that many people didst dance with joy on hearing he giveth the word that they would build a big tent for the children of the land, or at least the children’s children, maybe. “So yes, I am worthy of leading my people” he didth declare to the angel. But on hearing these tidings, the people throughout the land didst look to the Heavens and great was the wailing and gnashing of teeth. And all called out to God, ‘Why hast thou forsaken us?’ Amen.

Festy Dolmen