Craic & Codology


Sean Dunne

This is Seán. Do not be fooled. Behind the smiling features and proud nose lies a tale of heart-breaking sorrow and impoverishment.

Seán was once a titled personage and one of the richest men in Ireland. His greatest love (besides himself) was climbing. He reached the higher rungs on the social ladder and the upper regions of the rich lists, but then tragedy struck and Seán suffered a momentous fall. The tumble landed him on his rear end on very shaky ground. Battered and bruised, he sought to make his own way again across the Atlantic, but his persecutors followed him relentlessly. Today, Seán is desperately trying to survive on just $5 a week and he needs your help to get back on his feet and reclaim his title of Baron of Ballsbridge. You can donate online at www.dunnerstories.comedy