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Greta Thunberg

By Ian O’Dotty, the fearless face of reason

Surely it’s beyond time to stop this runaway Thunberg train in its tracks before it carries us all over the cliff edge of doom?! In my day, if you snapped back at your elders in the European Parliament you’d be sent to your room quick smart until you either a) sobered up or b) starved into remorse. Result? A balanced, tolerant outlook on life. Everything was orderly and respectful back then.

Nowadays, these lawless brats get praise from our taoiseach for skiving off school and forcing law-abiding citizens off the footpath just so a few foreign polar bears – whom they have never even met – don’t have to swim to the next ice floe!

Of course, the non-endangered elephant in the room is the example that is being shown by this kind of disregard for rationality. Already we are seeing impressionable adults, inspired by Ms Thunderberger, robbing ATMs, dealing in drugs, jumping queues and not buying the Irish Independent. It won’t stop until humankind is all but extinguished and politically correct dinosaurs and transgender Christian Brothers roam the forests and… (That’s enough rational thinking for today – Ed.)