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Banker burning money

The country’s highest-spending government departments last year

Department of Justice: €9.6 billion

  • Garda overtime on vital anti-kidnapping patrol duties in Cavan
  • Breakdown and recovery of squad cars
  • Legal fees re Denis O’Brien’s various court challenges
  • CCTV of Maria Bailey’s swing

Department of Transport, Tourism and Sport €3.6 billion

  • Essential field hockey pitch works, Wesley College
  • Ministerial petrol allowance for essential journeys around Dublin Rathdown in search of electric vehicle charging points
  • Multiple copies of ‘Beginner’s Guide to Popular Sports’

Department of Education and Skills €16.8 billion

  • Primary school luxuries (pens, textbooks and buckets to catch leaks)
  • Costs involved in organising essential fundraisers by head teachers
  • Spending spree in North Dublin (new football for PE and one extra classroom chair)