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RTÉ Radio One’s generational switch has made it the middle-aged station it needs to be

Hugh Linehan on Twitter

The other night on Twitch I made a concept album about a 2fm DJ who’s haunted by a dream where he chases Ronan Keating through the wild. Keating appears as a deer that can create impenetrable blizzards of cocaine from its nose. This is the mid point ballad *all live improv
Blindboy tweets a performance clip 

Paul Mannion opts out of Dublin panel at 27. Electrifying pace, rippling power… And a thermonuclear left foot. Usain Bolt meets Christy Brown.

Roy Curtis on Twitter

I’d love a podcast series where ACTUAL psychologists give psych evals of fictional chars. Like Annie (orphan) and her inability to stay in the present

(🎶 Tooooomorrow, tomorrow) and why that might be the case. Or… Ariel (mermaid) swapping her voice for some legs to chase a man
Steffanie Preissner goes full Alan Partridge on Twitter 

Every morning when I listen to and read the news I think harder about running next election. Don’t care if I don’t get deposit back, I’d be chance (sic) to show some people at least the level and standard of what’s there now. You are paying and suffering for their crippling idiocy.
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Afternoon everyone! Back in hot seat for a few more hours of meetings online. Next up I’m chairing a meeting of my Department’s Management Board – lots to discuss. Hope you’re keeping and holding up alright. Talk later. Simon.
#workingfromhome #messydesk #homeoffice #Staysafe #stayhome… (Continues with multiple hashtags)
Simon Harris posts a picture of his desk on Instagram 

A lot of Irish journalists are fuming that it took an insufferable ticket tout to do their job for them by helping break arguably the biggest political scandal in a decade – in my spare time
Tweet from Paddy Cosgrave 

So bored of making my own lunch lately. So I headed to my local Circle K. Wow!?! Honestly, such a delicious deli at @circlekireland. Who knew? Yummy Katsu Chicken Roll Fillet, Loaded Fries and a Chicken Spice Box… Why? Because I’m worth it.
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Sinn Fein wasting taxpayers’ money in the Dail
Fine Gael posts a Facebook compilation of attacks on Sinn Fein by Simon Harris and Heather Humphreys 

You lot are a bunch of spineless sad excuses for what they call men. 🖕
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Lofty journalist-at-large. Full-time flibbertigibbet. Under-the-Influencer. Disinfo saboteur. Habituée of proper pubs and improper mosh-pits.
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