Duncan Stewart

Duncan Stewart

LAST WEEKEND climate activist and environmental campaigner Duncan Stewart got a run-out on Brendan O’Connor’s Radio 1 show on foot of the unpopular decision by Montrose to cease broadcasting the Eco Eye series, the last episode of which was aired on February 9. One of the issues touched upon by Stewart was the disproportionate impact on the environment of the wealthy although, ironically, he turns out to be worth a fair few bob himself.

While Stewart is a familiar face, having fronted Eco Eye for a whopping 21 seasons (see p16), less well known is the canny Stewart’s ability to generate profits alongside much-needed environmental debate.

It has been reported that episodes of Eco Eye cost around €40,000 to produce and programme director Marcus Stewart, son of Duncan, told the Indo earlier this month that “it’s been a struggle to get it on air” as the series was not directly funded by RTÉ.

While this is indeed the case, the good news for Ballsbridge-based Duncan is that the financial climate associated with his production company, Earth Horizon Productions Ltd (EHP), has been positively balmy.

The company, 100% owned by Duncan, was incorporated in 2015 and, according to the accounts signed off in August last year, EHP was sitting on accumulated profits of over €1m at the end of 2021, with cash in hand topping €640,000. The company also holds 25% of property management firm Garftex, which manages commercial units in Blackrock, Co Dublin.

The other shareholders of Garftex include Duncan and his Swedish wife, Agneta, as well as Marcus and his wife, Sue Wrafter.

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