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Gemma O'Doherty

Gemma O'Doherty

HAS JOURNALIST Gemma O’Doherty, who failed to get a presidential nomination, begun planning for another shot in seven years? And has she decided that outflanking Peter Casey on the right is the way to go?

Gemma harpooned herself in public when stating as fact that the late Veronica Guerin was murdered by the state because she had dirt on dark forces, contributing in no small part to her failure to secure a nomination. Now, she has signalled a change in emphasis in her mood music of corruption and conspiracies by the state and media to that of the alleged madness of those who would welcome immigrants to Ireland.

One of Gemma’s latest outpourings is the following tweet: “People dying on our streets. No spare housing. Rents soaring. Hospitals and schools at breaking point. Crime and policing out of control. But in their latest act of insanity against #Ireland, @campaignforleo and @finegael dole out citizenship to another 3,000 people today.”

Gemma also tweeted recently, “Wondering what all the faux concern for migrants has been about of late? Welcome to the gravy train that is #multicultural #Ireland, funded in no small part by the man who wants to destroy our continent, its values and its future. Anything funded by #GeorgeSoros should be shunned.”

Has Gemma decided that Casey’s anti-traveller pitch should be extended to immigrants and that a campaign along those lines would expose the Derry man as a wet liberal in disguise? And can we expect seven more years of O’Doherty ranting about immigrants in a bid to satisfy her presidential ambition?


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