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Ruadhan Mac Cormaic

Ruadhan Mac Cormaic

If a good newspaper is a nation talking to itself, the Opinion section is where much of that talking happens.
Irish Times editor Ruadhán Mac Cormaic in his apology about the AI article controversy

Leo likes media outings. When I served in his government, we sometimes shared ‘good-news’ gigs, road openings and sporting highlights. Afterwards I was happy to limit our contribution to the set piece and dodge the menacing media scrum.
Shane Ross on his publicity-shyness, Sunday Independent

I’m a great reader, having just started Philip Short’s biography of Putin. People might think ‘He’d never read a book like that!’ but I would, and I do. I love politics and want to get an understanding of this bloke.
Marty Whelan on Marty Whelan, RTÉ Guide

Ceremonial cacao came into my life when I was on my fertility journey.
Cacao ceremony facilitator Mandalei Kuhn, Irish Independent

That really has become a thing now, that would be a real ‘must have’ in more luxury homes, and I definitely think that traces back to [Carrie Bradshaw’s] walk-in wardrobe.
Interior designer Sara Cosgrove on a lesser-known influence of Sex in the City, Irish Mail on Sunday

Let me tell you, in a hand-on-hip, wagging-my-finger kind of way, that if you pay attention to only one beauty trend this year, make it #quietluxury. Actually, it’s a mood rather than a trend, I think.
Triona McCarthy, Sunday Independent

If there is one short-term lesson it is this: Covid-19 made the case for the centre ground. The political forces of moderation were the ultimate victors.
Finn McRedmond, Irish Times

When I began working with the dream team of dancers Finola Cronin, Mufutau Yusuf, Amir Sabra and Emily Terndrup, we talked first about how the different elements affect movement. We spoke about rhizomes – creeping rootstalks that grow horizontally – and the complex communication networks in plant-life and how that could be translated into bodies.
Liz Roche, choreographer of ‘Kindred’, RTÉ Guide

If you want to be really exciting, you might introduce a shade of green into the mix but it would be a very muted cactus green. Think of what colour fades to when it’s left out in the sunshine for too long and you’ll be in the right ballpark.
Darren Kennedy, Sunday Independent

Why is it an anomaly for a woman to like herself?
DJ Annie MacManus, Irish Times

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