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Una Healy

Una Healy

TV PRESENTER, singer and brand ambassador Una Healy appears to have multiple personalities and her energetic PR campaign has seen her rubbish reports of her ‘throuple’ relationship and state her longing for a monogamous man.

In recent years Healy has been pulling in much moolah via her business interests but has faded a little from media view, although her love life involving sports stars usually saw her end up in glorious technicolour in the tabloids. However, by far the most successful of these appears to have caused her no end of regret, judging by a cascade of articles and photos of La Healy in various media.

The throuple story posited that Una was in a triangular relationship with ex-heavyweight boxing champion David Haye and model Sian Osbourne, reflected by a photo of the trio in swimsuits, arm in arm, in Marrakech. As Goldhawk reported (see The Phoenix 27/1/23), none of the trio confirmed the relationship but the racy scenario was covered in the media and no denials were issued about a story that did wonders for Una’s profile.

However, the narrative recently changed dramatically when another blitz of stories, this time about sad Una, hit two tabloids – the Irish Sun and the Irish Daily Star – as well as the Sunday Times. The Sun ran a front-page story about a row between Una and Sian in which the former’s protestations that she was never involved in a throuple were rubbished by Sian, who shared snaps of herself and Una saying: “The truth will set you free.” The Sun also reported that the model played Fleetwood Mac’s song ‘Little Lies’ on Instagram.

Una had explained in another recent interview that, when she went out with Haye, she had been told that Sian was “out of the picture” and when she was eventually introduced to Sian – “a really nice girl” – “I didn’t get to know her very well… I wasn’t romantic with her”.

Una Healy told the Sun she did not know what a throuple was and had to google it.

The Star took a more sympathetic view of her situation underneath a front-page headline: “UNA: WORST 6 MONTHS OF MY LIFE”.

Both tabloids also published photos of the scantily clad trio on the beach but the Irish edition of the ST published several pages and photos devoted to La Healy in which she wears a modest, long white dress among other tasteful outfits. Una talked about her children and dwelled on how she wanted to meet a monogamous man.

Coincidentally and in a kindly gesture, the ST’s Jennifer Stevens opened her five-page interview with Una in the paper’s Home supplement with a glowing passage about her latest record and video, ‘Walk Away’.

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