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Danielle Ryan

CONGRATULATIONS are due to Fantastic Films, which saw its Vivarium selected to compete at the snooty Critics’ Week at the Cannes Film Festival. While the media focus has been on the big-name Hollywood star here, Jesse Eisenberg, it turns out that the role of ‘Mom’ is played by one Danielle Ryan, the Ryanair heiress who previously had a go at producing films herself.

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THERE WAS much consternation on Friday when Justice Paul McDermott ordered reporting restrictions on the Ana Kriegel murder trial. Journalist Sarah Jane Murphy was quick to condemn “careless/vindictive tweeters” who “act like children on social media”.

Michael O’Toole from The Star lambasted Twitter to “stop fucking commenting, flutes”, while Declan Brennan of Courts News despaired at the “level of misunderstanding in the general public about how criminal trials run”.

Later, however, the Judge varied the original order to restrict a single media publisher, without reference to any social media commentary.


EURO HOPEFUL Peter O’Loughlin faces a difficult job in Ireland South where he will be hoping to get past the second count for the first time. This is the fourth election for Identity Ireland’s leader who has previously run for Europe and the Dáil, polling around 1% of the vote.

O’Loughlin’s anti-immigration endeavours have struggled to make any real impact politically or in fertile waters online. He remains best known for a viral film in 2016, in which he was badly beaten by protesters ahead of the launch of Pegida Ireland. That franchise has also failed to gather momentum, but despite these knocks he has kept himself busy forging links with far right figures like Stephen Yaxley-Lennon AKA Tommy Robinson, formerly of the English Defence League (EDL) and the British National party (BNP), Italian Deputy Prime Minister Mateo Salvini and members of Golden Dawn in Greece.

Back home however, O’Loughlin has his work cut out in a crowded field and the campaign experienced a false start last week when Sarsfield’s GAA Club in Cork withdrew use of the venue for an official election launch.


IS THE apocalypse approaching for Sean Lyons’s troubled company, Doomsday Challenge Ltd? Yet again, the firm is listed to be struck off the Companies Register for failure to file accounts, but it has come back from the brink before.

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Neil Jordan & Chloe Grace-Moretz

Neil Jordan & Chloe Grace-Moretz

NEIL JORDAN’S latest opus, Greta, opened to predictably ‘mixed’ reviews over the Easter weekend. The Financial Times’s opening salvo referred to the “ludicrous thriller” and went downhill from there.

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In case you needed another reason to believe insurers are sucking the life out of us, the industry has been identified as the dark force behind the slaughtering of thousands of healthy trees across Ireland.

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Niamh Patten

A JEWELLERY venture established by Niamh Patten shut its doors recently after a short-lived existence in the city centre. Despite the backing of a multi-millionaire, New Romantic Jewellery is no more.

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Clare Daly

CLARE DALY’S EU election bid in Dublin – as well as her political and personal partner Mick Wallace TD’s outing in the South constituency – has added excitement to a relatively mundane campaign.

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Goldhawk predicted that Daly and Wallace would join the race for Europe at the start of April. You can read about it here for free. 

Lynn Scarff

STILL NO word on the National Museum of Ireland’s internal review of its ‘Spanish Flu’ debacle last year. No doubt Catherine Heaney and her board are hoping that any allegations of dubious behaviour are kept in the isolation ward.

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John Delaney

THE THEN FAI boss John Delaney announced the appointment of veteran sports hack Cathal Dervan as the FAI’s director of public relations and communications, with the following remarks: “These are exciting times for the game in Ireland… there is a lot to look forward to… we are also about to introduce new governance procedures at an EGM in early February and how we communicate all this going forward is very important to the association. I wish Cathal and the team the very best.” Ironic or what.

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Pete Queally

GOLDHAWK wasn’t too surprised to see Kildare-based food-processing giant Arrow group on the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA’s) latest ‘name and shame’ list. 

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AN EDWARDIAN house on Ranelagh’s Park Drive (backing onto the playing fields of Gonzaga College) caught the eye of the Sindo last weekend, with the “elegant” and “gorgeous” D6 property receiving a suitably gushing write up. Hopefully, that will do the job for the owners, who have had to knock a chunk off the asking price.

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Kenneth Alexander

THIS SEASON has seen Scottish bookmaking supremo Kenny Alexander emerge as a growing force among the Irish jumps ownership ranks. 

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Anne Rabbitte

FIANNA FÁIL has landed itself in la merde over the Tuam babies with a most disingenuous statement from TD Anne Rabbitte.

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Kevin Rafter

NOT TOO late in the day, Blueshirt Minister for Culture Josepha Madigan has appointed Kevin Rafter as Sheila Pratschke’s replacement in the chair of the Arts Council. The journalist and academic is certainly familiar with Fine Gael.

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Colm O'Reilly

SUNDAY BUSINESS POST chief executive Siobhán Lennon’s goodbye bash in Doheny & Nesbitt’s Baggot Street hostelry last week saw her replacement, Colm O’Reilly, mingle with the newspaper’s hacks and other staff. O’Reilly has a rather different professional pedigree to Lennon’s, but he is a close colleague and partner of Post proprietor Enda O’Coineen.

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HOW VERY strange are the promotions of Irish Independent editor, Fionnan Sheahan and Sunday Independent editor, Cormac Bourke to the new posts of editor-in-chief, and editor of the Irish and Sunday Indo titles respectively. And what timing, with the titles bestowed on them within two days of the Belgian takeover.     

Just under a year ago the Irish Independent gave the official line about “a new group strategy” with the abolition of Stephen Rae’s job as editor-in-chief.  There followed —within days of Rae’s departure — the appointment of Richard McClean in the newly created position of managing director of publishing in Ireland. As the Indo pointed out, the job of editor-in-chief had “been discontinued”.

Now, the job of editor-in-chief has been, er, recontinued with Sheahan in position while Bourke has added the daily paper to his Sunday newspaper editorial responsibility. Even more confusingly, the editor-in-chief post was to be replaced by the new post of MD publishing, ie, McClean.

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Ciara Kelly

The latest JNLR figures will come as bitter medicine for Ciara Kelly whose Lunchtime Live has lost gains since the start of this year. The doctor has drawn sustained criticism online in recent months as the show becomes increasingly sensationalist.

As with others on Newstalk, divisive topics are intended to generate a bit of a brawl on air and the doctor drew particular ire for making something of a regular of Hermann Kelly, who at one point appeared as guest twice in the space of five days. As the figures show, little of this outrage has been converted into listeners.

By contrast, people have been glued to rival phone-in show on RTÉ Radio One where Liveline has been ‘inundated’ with calls from women opening up about their experience in maternity hospitals.

The topic ran for nearly two weeks and goes some way toward explaining why Joe Duffy finds himself presiding over the most popular show on radio.

Declan Ganley

Among the winners and losers in last week’s Spanish election are the once marginal Ciudadanos who increased their number to 57 seats. The party are benefiting from disillusionment with traditional ruling parties, but the ‘Citizens’ are also having trouble shaking off the past.  

The party teamed up with Declan Ganley under the Libertas Spain banner in 2009 and questions about that alliance resurfaced recently when revelations over financing hit the headlines. Enrique de Diego, a former senior journalist with Intereconomía Television, revealed details of Ganley’s “easy chequebook” and an intriguing tale of how the marriage came about.

The key link was Popular Party (PP) politician and President of Intereconomía, Julio Ariza, who acted as match maker. The PP were eager to out-flank competition from nationalists in Catalonia and the fledgling Ciudadanos were viewed as an ideal buffer. With Ganley as patron and Ariza’s television network, the PP could clandestinely build up the smaller party who would act as a future puppet, making up the numbers to keep rivals at bay.

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CONGRATULATIONS to the Indo for managing to churn out no less than 25 stories over 21 pages of print on the so-called ‘Love Rival Murder Trial’ over the last two days. Here are those headlines:

Quirke guilty

‘We have got justice for Daddy today’ – relief for family after trauma of three-month ordeal

Prisoner 107243 put on suicide watch as Quirke begins his new life behind bars

Eerie silence hung in court as jury delivered verdict

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Ruby Walsh

So what next for the greatest jump jockey of all time, Ruby Walsh?

The silver fox is also a wily fox and he has been expanding his extra-curricular activities over the last few years as he prepares for a life out of the saddle. Walsh has taken after his father, Ted, by going down the media route. He has been working as an ambassador for Racing TV for a number of years now, while also doing regular stints in front of the camera and his talents as a racing analyst will see him being in demand on that front.

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Hermann Kelly

HAVE THOSE soul brothers on the right of Irish politics, EU candidates Peter Casey (Midlands North-West – MNW) and Hermann Kelly (Dublin) had a split already? Or is it that Peter has a little more nous than Hermann, who is the founder and driving force of The Irish Freedom Party?

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Maria Walsh

THE BLUEBLOUSE EU candidate in the Midlands-North-West (MNW), Maria Walsh, proved she is no wilting Tralee Rose with a retaliatory broadside against her running mate, Máiréad McGuinness, following the MEP’s recent incursion into her territory. 

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Peter Vandermeersch

NERVOUS HACKS at Independent House must be wondering what kind of changes the imminent Belgian owners of Independent News and Media have in mind. While the current noises emanating from Mediahuis are soothing, it is clear that any new owner of a media group will bring its own ideas. Interesting then to see that one Peter Vandermeersch, outgoing editor-in-chief of the Mediahuis-owned Dutch newspaper NRC Handelsblad, has taken a very strong interest in Irish journalists.

No sooner had the Mediahuis-INM deal been announced than Van de Man got busy following an array of hacks on Twitter – most of them, naturally, from INM’s stable. By Goldhawk’s reckoning, the Belgian editor is now following around than 120 Irish hacks of various hues.

While it is not surprising to see the likes of Indo editor Fionnan Sheahan and Sindo editor Cormac Bourke, as well as their many minions, appear on the list, Vandermeersch has also expanded his range to include various other media entities (print, online and broadcasting) and their staff, including the likes of Pat Kenny, Emmet Oliver, Katie Hannon and Róisín Ingle.

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Dermot Desmond

ALTHOUGH IT was Goldhawk who first revealed that Denis O’Brien wanted to sell up at Independent News & Media, the nature of the agreed exit deal is far more gobsmacking than imagined. The shareholders are rightly pissed off, but at least Dermot Desmond is avoiding the worst of the pain.

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