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Doctor Vlad writes: As a practising Health Minister, I am often asked: “What are you doing about the 600 people on trolleys in emergency units?”

Well, the short answer is that there is never an easy solution to these kinds of serious medical crises, especially when there is so much pressure on the entire medical system. That is why everyone has to pull together for the common good.

For example, the public may not be fully aware that many of us involved with the country’s Health Service suffer from an acute disorder known as Enlarged Salary Syndrome, also known technically as Maximus Incrementis Normalis. This condition usually leads to extensive holidays in Florida and prolonged bouts of golf and swollen ego.

Finally, the highly unrealistic idea that a tremendously busy minister, such as myself, should have to run hospitals effectively is extremely dangerous and is likely to lead to a massive headache for my career plans.