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“I’m very sorry” – Pope Francis

Phoenix BW

By Our Religious Staff Conor Pope

His Holiness, Pope Francis, has again asked forgiveness for recent sex scandals which have reportedly taken place at the Vatican.
“I’m really sorry that some critics of Mother Church are interested in spreading a lot of non-stories which may or may not have happened back in the day,” said Pope Francis during his weekly address at St. Peter’s Square. “I’m also really, really sorry that the media keeps digging up embarrassing rumours that make it look as if I have something to apologise for – which is clearly not the case – especially at a time when I am doing such a good job at getting everyone to forget about all those child abuse cases from the distant past.”
Since his election in 2013, the pope has taken a more populist approach to Catholic teaching, but has consistently condemned clerical sex abuse.
“I know that I told these priests to reach out and embrace the youth of today – but this is just getting out of hand,” he continued. “And at this rate, I am in grave danger of not winning the prestigious 2015 Pope of the Year Award.”

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