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What the Budget means for you

Phoenix BW

A housebound single male parent reflects…

“Having prayed for seven hours for seven days in the seven weeks prior to the budget, I felt sure that the finance minister would listen to the advice of a Greater Power and provide some relief for people in my circumstances. While the mothers of my three children gain €5 per child, I linger in here, dependent on the charity of my bishop and the indulgence of former parishioners to cater for my needs while awaiting my appeal.”


The Issues Government’s Thinking
Employment: Reduction in USC, few bob for self-employed, etc, should keep us in our jobs
Welfare: Have to look after poor Labour too
Transport: This brib… er, budget, should carry us into another five years


How Enda decided on election date

  • Be nice to knock another few months out of it
  • Might even squeeze in another St. Patrick’s Day trip
  • And maybe some foreign bloke will announce a factory for Mayo in the meantime
  • Then again, this is probably as good as it gets
  • Whatever I decide, I have to be strong and decisive!
  •  Here we go…
  • Tails it is then… for spring.

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