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More Australian warnings about visiting Ireland

Widdevr ya do, don’t git sick in Piddyland or you woan git hoam before Chrimmas! Doan git stuck in the vicious civil woar bitwin thopposing fictions noon as Finny Gel and Finny Foul thet azbin ragin’ like a lunatic peck o’ dingos go fir over 90 yiers! Strewth!
Deylight robbery is a growin’ prollem in Iron so avoid high-risk aries such as pharmacists, pubs, resraunts an’ dockers’ surgeries. In the evint of driving inna Piddy pothole, do not attimpt ter climb ouddavit yourself cobber. Wittle dammlance arrives from the nay boring counny.
Post-pub burger joins err offen flesh points fir conflict. Ill ways lit the garda order before ya to reduce the risk o’ bing arristed whin the foight sterts.

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