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New AGSI uproar

Hens across the country have reacted angrily to remarks by an unidentified senior garda that the force would be reduced to responding “like headless chickens” in the event of a terrorist attack. Visibly perturbed, a free range Rhode Island Red in Wexford says she is, “sick and tired of having my brood associated with the Gardaí.”
The angry hen said the comparison was “deeply insulting” and had already caused several of her comrades to cease laying, through stress.
“Fair enough both sides work for chicken feed, but I know for a fact that none of us scratching around here would ever be seen pecking at a burger in a patrol car,” she fumed. “Why is it always us that are dragged into comparisons with the Garda Chická… er, Síochána?! I am rearing six young chickens here. They don’t need to hear that stuff!”

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