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Comment – Still too early to tell

by Dan O’Whine

The possibility set out in this column eight weeks ago – that I would still be repeating myself in two months’ time – has come to pass. Will the new era of Irish politics resemble more closely Sweden or Italy? It’s still too early to tell.
It appears increasingly inevitable that a second election will be held in short order. However, nothing is yet set in stone. What is certain is that my columns will continue to appear in the Indo and that they will be equally as dull as John Downing’s. In the meantime, thoughts turn to the possible outcomes of another election. There may be some defragmentation of the vote – though it is difficult to say for certain.
One thing’s for sure; it’s all highly unpredictable and the situation remains fluid. We will know soon enough if ungovernability is to be our fate – but only time will tell.

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