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Suspended sentences shock!

In a move that will reverberate around the Law Library, another leading judge has entered the suspended sentences controversy. Mr Justice Sharpe-Beak has contended that the law allowing activation of suspended sentences was a key driver for the historic agreement between FF and FG on the formation of the new government.
Up to then a number of specific sentences had been “suspended” by the two main parties. For example: ‘For Jaysus sake, Mihawl, can we not just put the civil war behind us?’; ‘Why don’t we just carve up all the cushy jobs between us today and then get on with screwing the electorate?’; and ‘Hey Simon, what time does the Dáil bar open?’
Justice Beak contends that once the “suspension” on using these sentences was lifted, a new government was formed within hours based on the policies “my unlearned friends” in the negotiating teams pretended they had not already agreed to five weeks ago.

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