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Medical Matters

Medical Matters

This week Dr Leo Vacuous wonders aloud about the dire affliction of shrugging.

As a doctor people often ask me about the awful condition known as “shrugging” and whether it will ever be eradicated.

I haven’t a clue what causes it but what happens is the victim’s shoulders go into regular upward spasm when I…er, when he or she is faced with a difficult challenge, such as large amounts of sick people suddenly having the baffling notion to show up at hospitals across the country.

These spasms are usually accompanied by other ominous responses, including feverish head scratching, massaging of the jaw, eyes glazing over and the mouth remaining open in silence.

It may well be an inherited malaise from some guys who were around before us but I wouldn’t really know. How to cure it? Search me, mate. I find ignorance can be a great escape valve though so pretending it isn’t there might help. I advise putting on jazzy shoes and socks and running down the road away from it early in the morning. Works for me anyway…

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