Craic & Codology



LOVABLE beatific smiles and liberal greetings from your supreme pontiff. What a busy time for you all in Ireland with the great Catholic referendum around the corner.

How happy I am to know you are all conscience-bound individuals. This means you are completely free to vote a resounding No to the evils of round-the-clock compulsory abortions on demand. By doing the right thing, you will save thousands of lives and – on a more personal level – avoid burning in hell’s fiery flames for all eternity. And eternity is a very long time – especially towards the end.

Meanwhile, hot on the heels of those Rolling Stones, I look forward to continuing my 50-stadium tour and seeing you in August like a cross-fire hurricane. OMG! So much love and peace in that Phoenix Park. Oh yes, it’s about reaching out and breaking down barriers – except, of course for the essential Baptism Barrier that keeps all those non-desirables out of our good Catholic schools.

Got to rush. So much to be done to stamp out the filthy pro-abortion wickedness which I must remind you is instantly punishable by on-the-spot everlasting suffering – thanks to God’s almighty mercy and forgiveness. Ciao!

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