Craic & Codology


Rob Kearney

IN RECENT times we may have given the impression that the Irish rugby team was on the brink of unprecedented glory.

Headlines such as Schmidt’s Superheroes, Our Invincible Idols and Rucking Unbeatable! could have suggested the men in green were on the precipice of an era of brilliance.

After their defeat to Australia in the first test, it is glaringly obvious that we were talking complete bollocks. This bumbling bunch of overpaid John Sexton-cum-latelys are out of their depth and should be called home immediately before they inflict any further damage on our proud nation’s image abroad.

Again our regret for any misunderstanding that may have arisen in our previous coverage and we hope this finally and irrevocably clarifies our true stance on the misfiring misfits at least until the next game.