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Drumm pulls on the Green Jersey again

David Drumm

REPUBLIC OF IRELAND supporters are being urged to support Mexico at this year’s World Cup.

Chairman of the Green Jersey Brigade David Drumm made the plea to get behind El Tricolor at this summer’s tournament.

Drummer said the North American nation represented everything that is good about the beautiful game.

“Watching them during their qualifying matches one can’t help but be impressed by their carefree, light-touch and swashbuckling style. There is no shortage of swaggering either which I applaud,” said Drumm.

Mexico find themselves in the group of death alongside Germany, South Korea and Sweden.

This doesn’t faze the cocky Drumm as he confidently predicts the Aztecs will make serious inroads in Russia.

“The usual suspects will try and stifle their creativity and flair but they should get out of the group behind perennial favourites Deutschland Deutschland Über Alles. Although, you can never write off the Germans – just ask that fucking shower of clowns on Dame Street,” he said.