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Pat Kenny

TV PRESENTER Pat Kenny has said that he is “absolutely delighted” with the latest change to his role at Virgin Media Television, formerly TV3.

“Unlike all my earlier weekly shows, which dealt exclusively with current affairs, this exciting new programme will focus once a week on all the latest political issues and current affairs,” said the veteran broadcaster yesterday.

Kenny welcomed this new start, insisting that he was particularly looking forward to the challenge of debating all the big stories of the day, saying, “The previous studio format of me simply interviewing dull politicians will be replaced with an innovative current affairs debate where I go head to head with leading figures from the world of Irish politics and ask them the questions that people are really interested in.”

“Yes, it’s all about change,” explained director of news Bill Baloney. “The days of Kenny being grossly overpaid for his boring old current affairs programme are over. Now he will be overpaid for this new run-of-the-mill show.”

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