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Merkel Varadkar

By Phil Frontpage

IN A move that has already sent shock waves through Europe and the UK, Leo Varadkar has pledged that he will devote all his time and energy into doing everything that Chancellor Merkel tells him.

Speaking to reporters in Dublin after meeting Mrs Merkel yesterday, the Taoiseach said that the two leaders had exchanged “frank and forthright” views about the continuing Brexit impasse.

“Angela reminded me of the Irish Government’s appalling course of inaction in failing to make any preparations for managing the border in the event of a ‘no deal’ outcome,” he continued, “and I fully agreed with her in the toughest terms possible that it was right and proper (And high time!_Ed) that I did something useful.”

Looking shifty and ashen-faced, Mr Varadkar added: “Let me make it crystal clear that I would have come up with this tough-talking initiative even if Mrs Merkel had not insisted that I do so – which surely shows the UK Government that Ireland really means business this time.”

When asked whether there would be any checkpoints manned by customs officers and British soldiers along the border, Vlad replied, “I wouldn’t know anything about things like that – you’ll have to ask Mrs Merkel.”

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