SPARE A thought for Goldhawk’s old friend David Healy. Yesterday, it emerged that the Cork businessman would be sent to the slammer for burning down his own premises and lodging a false insurance claim.

Healy (48), of Tig na Mona, Rathankar, Passage West, Co. Cork, had plead not guilty to arson that caused over €200 grand worth of damage at Munster Air Compressors, at which he was company director, in December, 2014. Last May, a jury found him guilty of arson, he plead guilty to a second charge of attempted deception in January, 2015.

Healy was handed a 10-year suspended sentence and fined €33k by Judge Gerard O’Brien last May. However, the Court of Appeal yesterday found that sentence to be “unduly lenient” with Counsel for the DPP, Ray Boland BL, saying Healy’s actions were “cold-blooded business arson” which involved significant planning and premeditation.

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