Craic & Codology


Jockey Harris

Hay Chess See: Accident-prone old plodder with a worrying reputation for taking the wrong course or refusing to co-operate altogether. Hapless stable soon to be broken up and under-performing creatures dispersed.

Jockey Ross

Abbotstown Boyo: From the stable that gave us the expensive-to-follow Waterford John, this perennial loser will have claimer S Ross on his back, desperately trying to rein the expensive beast in as usual. Will start friendliness and usual calls to retire to grass will ensue.

Jockey Trump

Nosebag Donald: Highly strung American rider with an unattractive head carriage and a worrying record of veering violently to the right when under pressure. Blinkers apply as always and sure to disappoint away from home yet again. Glue factory material.

Jockey Robinson

Mayo Robbo: Once-popular filly whose recent form has raised deep concern amongst commentators, not least in Dubai’s Coming Home Stakes, where she came off second best in a photo finish alongside local hope Princess Lost. Punters will neither forget not forgive that disappointment.

Jockey Murphy

Houseless Eoghan: Certainly not one for the mortgage as ongoing failure to fulfill early promise continues. Punters getting tired of excuses from the Blueshirt stables and… (That’s enough also-rans for another year – Ed.)