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Britain’s future politico tells it like it isn’t

WHAT A week with Bojo going head to head with old Jeremy Hunt, my formal rival-in-arms – who is really a pretty decent chap when all’s said and done!

So, it’s all go in Downing Street again, shoulder to shoulder with the Huntmester in a spanking new Tory Cabinet. We’re 100% united once more and on the proverbial brink of a bright new dawn on the world stage.

As for all this Brexit guff and our chums in Ireland, let’s be clear. What yours truly actually decreed was that I intend to scrap this backstop nonsense for good – which some people wantonly misinterpreted as meaning that in some way I’d be scrapping the backstop.

To be fair to the Irish, they’re not as awful as those mad mullahs, but they’re still never happy. Varadkar himself isn’t a complete oik – but he doesn’t exactly inspire confidence. Just shows that people will sometimes go for an obvious no-hoper, I suppose.

Of course, the whole political business takes all sorts – including that Brussels shower. Not that they’re all bad. Take Ursula von der Vatever, for example. Phwoarr! Eminent Euro-style totty, eh? Makes one proud to be back in the saddle where the Boz Man belongs.