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Rose of Tralee launch

by Our Summer Filler Staff Phillipa Page

FESTIVAL fever is at an all-time high right now as Kerry welcomes thousands of visitors to see who will become the 2019 Rose in this year’s 60th anniversary competition. As always, presenter Leo Varadkar will be on hand to upstage the contestants as they chat about their hobbies and passions. Here they are – the hot favourites to take the crown

Maria Bailey
The outgoing Dún Laoghaire Rose has rarely been out of the limelight since winning the ‘Miss Adventure’ title earlier this year. Originally an odds-on chance after leap-frogging her rivals, Maria has fallen (painfully) to 900/1 in recent weeks – although insiders reckon she could still just swing it.
Josepha Madigan
Never far from the head of the betting, the effervescent Rathdown Rose has come a long way since her early days (last month) as ‘Miss Judgement’. With a lot of support from locals – particularly those opposed to methadone clinics – Josepha fully expects to be flaunting the winner’s sash again at this year’s festival.
Mary Lou McDonald
This year’s Dublin Central Rose is no stranger to lavish coronation ceremonies. While continuing to rapidly lose ground with the bookies, ‘Miss Guided’ remains confident of being in with a fighting chance. “I’ve always been involved in empowering pageants and close friends tell me I’m doing a good job,” she said.
Michelle O’Neill
Northern Rose Michelle – formerly ‘Miss Hap’ in the Belfast heats, is hoping to make her mark despite all the odds stacked against her. Among her great passions is travelling, but she admits that she’s gone absolutely nowhere over the past two years. (That’s enough hot favourites – Ed.)

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