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ancient skull

By Archie Ologist

GEOLOGISTS say damage to an ancient fossil skull found in Ethiopa may have been caused by a member of a notorious, warrior tribe known as the McGregorians.

The skull had a large section of jaw missing, which was “typical of the kind of damage inflicted by a single blow from a McGregorian,” says one expert.

The McGregorians, who were easily recognisable from their unattractive beards and big heads, originated in MMAcedona but briefly roamed the planet in Neanderthal times and acted like they owned it. They were known for random acts of violence.

Drinking vessels found close to the skull suggest conflict would have occurred at some sort of drinking hole.. “The McGregorians liked their grog and distilled their own Proper stuff for a time,” says one expert. “This may not have been wise. After all, they were very uncivilised times”.

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