Hybrid Learning With Hibernia College

Recognised for its innovative and flexible programmes, Hibernia College is shaping the future of education in Ireland by offering cutting-edge programmes across a range of professional domains. What sets Hibernia College apart is its hybrid learning model, which combines the flexibility of online education with the richness of interactive learning experiences.

Students have the convenience of accessing course content online, participating in live tutorials, and engaging in face-to-face lectures. This approach not only accommodates the diverse needs of students but also ensures they receive a well-rounded and comprehensive education.

At the forefront of Hibernia College’s offerings are the Professional Master of Education (PME) programmes in primary and post-primary education. These programmes provide the essential qualifications required to embark on a teaching career in Ireland. More recently, Hibernia College is breaking new ground in nursing education with its blended learning BSc (Hons) in general nursing.

This programme is specifically designed for mature students, graduates of further education programmes, and school leavers. It offers a full-time accelerated Level 8 degree that integrates practical clinical learning with both traditional and online classroom experiences.

Paul Farrell, CEO, Hibernia College

Hibernia College continues to expand its academic portfolio to meet the diverse needs of learners with the MA/PG Dip in inclusive and special education, in collaboration with the Institute of Child Education and Psychology Europe. Looking to the future, Hibernia College is also on the verge of introducing new courses, pending validation, including the MSc in corporate governance, in collaboration with the Accountancy School, as well as the MA in education. These programmes reflect the college’s commitment to providing a broad spectrum of educational opportunities in various professional domains.

The recent appointment of Paul Farrell as CEO of Hibernia Colleges Group marks an exciting chapter for the institution. Paul brings a wealth of experience from his previous role as Managing Director of Virgin Media Television. His vision for Hibernia College is one of growth and innovation in a rapidly evolving educational landscape: “I am thrilled to have joined the leader in this field. This is a really pivotal time for Hibernia College and I am delighted to be a part of it all. I look forward to working with the team to avail of new opportunities.”

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