Rí-Rá Irish Lager : Grá Mór Don Teach Tábhairne Gaelach

Based in Kilcoole Co Wicklow, Rí-Rá Brewing Company is an Irish-owned brewery that is deeply passionate about the Irish Pub. The brewing team collaborated with a former master brewer at Guinness to design an award-winning, premium, light, and fresh-tasting lager that appeals to a mainstream taste profile.

Stuart Kinch, CEO of Rí-Rá Brewing Company, comments: “The perfect beer for spending great times with mates and family. Rí-Rá Irish Lager is all about bringing people le chéile more often and celebrating the best bits of being Irish, that fun twinkle-in-the-eye charm we Irish are famous for.”

The Irish pub is a culturally significant part of Irish heritage and something Kinch believes should be cherished and protected: “Pubs are often family-run businesses at the epicentre of a community and, like a lot of businesses, pubs are facing significant cost pressures compounded by frequent price increases by international suppliers. These costs then unfortunately are passed on to consumers, who pay a higher price per pint, which in turn discourages people from going out to pubs, thereby creating a vicious circle and putting the pub under more pressure.”

To that end, the brewery is offering Rí-Rá Irish Lager at fair value prices and in support of Irish pubs by freezing its keg prices until January 2026. Kinch continues: “A pint of Rí-Rá Irish Lager is around 0.50c better priced than other international options. Not only is it better for your wallet, but pubs actually make more money per keg with us. A lot of people ask me how we manage to produce award-winning premium quality lager at fair prices. Simple. We’re Irish-owned, which means we don’t have to send money back to ‘bosses’ in London or Amsterdam every month. Instead, we reinvest those savings into supporting our publicans and ensuring that our loyal consumers in a pub can enjoy our delicious brews without breaking the bank.”

Rí-Rá Irish Lager: Light, fresh, and local. Ask for them at the bar!

Visit @ri.ra.beer for more info.

Always drink responsibly.