Will Investing In Gold Change Your Life?

Dave Russell, CEO, GoldCore Ltd

Most of us turn to the internet when we want to gather information on a particular topic. A quick glance at Google Trends will show you what people have been searching for of late. As someone who runs a company that helps people to invest in bullion, I find it interesting to see what questions people are asking when it comes to gold and silver.

This week we noticed that there had been an uptick in searches asking: “Will owning gold change my life?” My team and I found this fascinating. People are searching for life-changing investments and they want to know if gold could be one of them.

Take a simple viewpoint to start with. There are some investments that very obviously do change our lives. Perhaps a new home, a piece of art or maybe even a watch that you consider to be an investment piece. They affect our day-to-day lived experience, hopefully for the better.

Then you could have investments that are life changing in terms of how they perform in the time that you hold them. A common example might be a stock investment that you timed just right and saw it rocket in value over an extremely short period of time, allowing you to quickly realize gains and benefit from them.

But gold isn’t known for changing your day-to-day living experience in the same way as a new home does, nor is it known for making millionaires out of people in a relatively short period of time.

So why are people wondering if it will change their lives? It is because something doesn’t have to be ‘doing’ anything to be life changing. In fact, it might be because it is actually pretty stable.

Yes, gold has hit new record highs this year, but the reason so many people are rushing to buy gold is because they want gold to bring order to their portfolios. Life-changing experiences aren’t just good ones, especially when it comes to monetary matters. Those of us who are contributing towards a pension can feel anxious at times when we wonder what the impact of geopolitical events will be on our investments or what the impact of central bank decisions will do to the value of our portfolios.

Gold is highly liquid, it is tangible and it has form when it comes to reducing the influence of portfolio volatility – whether that’s down to inflation, wars, economic downturns or even elections.

Gold is life changing because it can help to reduce pension anxiety and it can reduce the impact of those negative life-changing monetary events. It does this by providing stability, diversification, and security, ensuring that your retirement savings are resilient against economic uncertainties and capable of sustaining your financial needs in the long run.

Not many people know that you can hold gold in your pension. In Ireland, it is incredibly straightforward to do. Not only does holding it give you peace of mind, but there are also tax advantages. Win, win!

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