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Confederations Cup Coaches


As part of our coverage of the 2017 Confederations Cup in Russia, Goldhawk profiles some of the managers at this year’s tournament.

Cameroon  – Shane de Rossi
This flamboyant right- winger terrorised opponents down the years with his relentless attacks. However, he has found the transition from player to manager very difficult and stands accused of leading a team of mercenaries.





Portugal – Leon Varadkar
The self described “special one” has found himself in the unfamiliar position of defending following a series of tricky openers. While hailed by the media as a breath of fresh air, many believe he is virtually identical in his tactics to the previous stale and unpopular gaffer.




Chile – Miguel Martinez
The usually cautious silver-tongued Martinez recently caused outrage when he questioned the competence of a newly appointed female referee. It’s believed he could be axed if his side doesn’t improve over the summer.





Russia – Theresa Mayski
Mayski’s outfit struggle against European opposition and a routine training exercise ended in disaster last month. The coach is desperately trying to negotiate a new contract and pacify player unrest but her reliance on second-rate prima donnas from Spartak DUP will probably hasten the manager’s exit.