Craic & Codology



Awright geezas!,
Gawdon Bennet, wot a pile ov grief I’ve ’ad scratchin’ me loaf whether to tog out fer jolly ol’ Engerland or fer Éire!

I’d all the faaamly wadin’ in wiv advice like ya wouldn’ Adam an’ Eve! Then Oirish Mick come round wiv the normal Keano, an’ the gaffer Gareth Southgate’s only been on the dog ’n’ bone rabbitin’ large in me ear’ole as well!

Don’ get me wrong, I luv Éire, an’ I’ll be Brahms ’n’ Liszt on the ol’ Vera Lynn ’n’ tonics wiv the best ov ’em on Paddy’s Day! I’m gonna miss the craic, especially wiv the other Keano gorn now an’ everyone relaxed an’ sleepin’ well again.

But at the end ov’ the day, with the romance ov playing for Éire with Dave O’Leary in the grave, I’m gonna throw myself to the three lions, where I ’ear the grass is greener, innit!