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If INM chief Michael Doorly does not know of Denis O’Brien and Dermot Desmond’s intentions re: possible sale of the company, does that mean his comments reflect institutional shareholders willingness to sell? See here to find out more. 

You can also read here free of charge to find out why Doorly was an “unhappy bunny” back in 2016. 

Hot Air Brigade:

All you need to know about the “technique” of Leo Varadkar. The Sunday Times, 4/7/19.


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The latest news to emerge from within the confines of INM headquarters, Independent House on Talbot Street, relating to alleged data breaches by former INM execs, illustrates that INM’s legal and corporate strategy is “clear from the decision to take High Court action against former chief executive, Robert Pitt, following a similar action against ex-chairman, Leslie Buckley.” Read the latest news here

Goldhawk has written extensively on the scandal, you can read some background here. And read his profile of former INM chairman, Leslie Buckley, free of charge here.